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Zukt customer wants global search in all folders. he think it's confusing/unclear that search doesnt work in all folders, despite it shows "all folders".

he also think usability could improve. He things search should be easier, an input box readily available. The way it is, is a bit confusing, there are two magnifying glasses in webmail, one to search for messages in the folders and the other near the profile photo that only brings contacts/events, making it confusing.

Author: Flavio, 02.07.2020, 12:42
Idea status: under consideration


Flavio, 02.07.2020, 12:43
+1 Flávio on global search
Flavio, 11.08.2020, 07:52
The search, advanced search, etc. is confusing. Sorry to put in same ticket, but its all kind of related.

The fact it isnt intuitive, you have to click on search icon, there could be a search box right away. And what Zukt said, the search above is for calendar, the one below in magnifying glass for emails

The fact it doesnt search all folders but says it does
The fact its hard to get out of search, you have to click on the X
Flavio, 11.08.2020, 12:43
also, the place where advanced search is located it too hidden. in the "star"...

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