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Zukt mentions something I also recommended before. I agree with him 100%.

When I'm typing an email, the "To:" field only brings me contacts that are saved in my calendar. So far ok. It would also be very interesting if it worked for any email that has already contacted me or is in my message box (just like gmail). If someday someone sent me an email or was in a copy of an email, that address will be saved.

So, basically, autofill only works in GO for contacts that are saved in your address book. Most webmails collect addresses you typed (at least the last 20 or so, in a cookie, perhaps), no need necessarily for them to be in your contacts.

Author: Flavio, 02.07.2020, 12:44
Idea status: under consideration


Flavio, 11.08.2020, 07:49
more and more votes for autofill to work based on x typed address
one more, kz@
Flavio, 10.01.2021, 14:31

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